What should a journalist investigate today,
according to what has been promised in the past?



In 2003, an article in the New Scientist predicted that bananas could be extinct in 2013. Guess what. This was yet another broken promise.

It can be hard to keep track of promises and predictions. This tool makes it easier for journalists and citizens to keep an eye on what has been promised for a certain date (a day, a month or a year). Articles from the Guardian and the New-York Times are searched for dates and then filtered to remove inadequate results (movie releases, for instance).

Broken Promises was started by Jens Finnäs, Yordi Dam, Erik Karstens and Pierre Romera during the WAN/IFRA Media Hackday in Berlin. It was further developed by Journalism++ Edouard Richard, Anne-Lise Bouyer and Paul Joannon.